Online Session Bass RecordingSend your .WAV or .MP3 files directly to me through DROPBOX or another large file service, and I'll give you professional quality bass sound within just a few days. Be sure to include drum tracks or a click track. Check out my album credits on All Music. I have been playing the bass for over 40 years and brings with me a world of musical talent and experience. Place your mouse over each photo above for more information.

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Send your materials to your drop box account, then share the file with glendem0@gmail.com. We'll move a copy to our dropbox, download it, and get busy on your project. You can create a free account easily at DROPBOX

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We want you to be happy with your professional bass tracks. Any problems? Ask and we will be happy to make any changes necessary. Just stay in touch. Call us to let us know your tracks are exactly what you wanted!

Send us a quote we can post above, about your project when it is completed!

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Firm: Michael Dempsey Bass Recordings
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